Commercial communications aimed at minors

In general

Commercial communications aimed at children and young people should be readily recognisable to them as such.

Videos aimed specifically at children under 12

If your video is aimed specifically at children under 12, additional rules apply. You are prohibited from using product placement and showing sponsorship logos in your video.

  • When is a video aimed specifically at children under 12?

Each video is assessed separately to determine whether or not it is aimed specifically at children under 12. This qualification is made on the basis of several criteria, such as the time it is made available, the design, the presentation, and the manner of announcement.

  • Prohibition of product placement

Videos that are aimed specifically at children under 12 cannot contain any product placement.

Product placement means any form of audiovisual commercial communications consisting of the inclusion of, or reference to, a product, a service, or the trademark thereof within a video in return for payment or for similar consideration.

  • Prohibition of sponsorship logos in videos

The mentioning or showing of a sponsorship logo during the video is prohibited.

Sponsorship means any contribution made by public or private undertakings or natural persons to the financing of audiovisual media services, video-sharing platform services, user-generated content, or programmes with a view to promoting their name, trademark, image, activities, or products.

(In)appropiate content for minors

  • If your video is inappropriate for minors, make sure minors cannot view it. You can do this, for example, by adding an age category when uploading your video to the platform.
  • Include a content descriptor of potentially inappropriate elements for minors in your video.
  • Videos containing pornographic images or images of gratuitous violence should be encrypted.
  • Personal data of minors collected in this context cannot be processed for commercial purposes.