The general chamber has the following tasks:

  1. in application of paragraph 3 and of articles 13 and 30, the supervision of compliance with and restriction of violations on the provisions of the Act on radio and television broadcasting, including the supervision on compliance by the public broadcaster and restriction of violations by the public broadcaster;
  2. issuing, changing, suspending and rescinding licences for offering a radio broadcasting network;
  3. granting, suspending or rescinding licences for offering a radio broadcasting network;
  4. granting and rescinding permission to service providers to transmit broadcasts;
  5. receiving different types of notifications aimed at the Flemish Regulator for the Media, mentioned in the Act on radio and television broadcasting;
  6. determining the relevant markets and their geographical scope for products and services in the electronic communication networks sector, and analysing these markets in order to determine whether they are effectively competitive;
  7. identifying enterprises with considerable market power in the markets analysed in accordance with item 6° and enforcing, where applicable, one or more of the obligations mentioned in Article 192;
  8. mapping concentrations in the Flemish media sector;
  9. supervision of compliance by the public broadcasters of the Flemish Community's management agreement and annual reporting on this subject to the Flemish Government;
  10. carrying out special assignments, which can be entrusted to the General Chamber, if necessary, by the Flemish Government, insofar as they pertain to the duties mentioned in items 1° to 9°.

The chamber for impartiality and the protection of minors pronounces on disputes concerning programmes which could seriously affect the physical, mental or moral development of minors, in particular, programmes containing pornographic scenes or unnecessary violence, disputes concerning programmes which incite discrimination between different ideological or philosophical ideas and which incite hatred on the grounds of race, gender, religion or nationality.